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Guatamalan love song in The 40-year-old Virgin...

Every time I catch The 40-year Old Virgin on HBO, I have to immediately drop everything I'm doing and watch this show. One of my favorite parts is when Jane Lynch's character Paula talks about the "beautiful old Guatemalan love song" sung her gardener Javier used to sing to her. While I'm far from being bilingual in Spanish, I knew from the first time I had heard the song none of the words mentioned anything about love. Here's the actual translation:

"When you clean my room / I can't find anything / Where are you going in such a hurry? / To the football game?"

God I love this film!!


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hey.. i'm so happy i finally got a translation for that song. i was wondering what it meant. i took a little spanish in high school but i knew it was something crazy.

she says "cuando llego a mi cuarto.." which means "when i arrive to my room" she didnt say anything about cleaning her room...

Hi, I would like to question you about the name of the song. Please answer my question!! Thanks!

Katherin, it was an improvised moment that Jane came up with during filming. It has no title:

When she mentions football game she isn't talking about football, she is talking about soccer.

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